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Tamia & Shawn Santana

September 2, 2008

Interfaith Message From the Wedding Ceremony:

As Shawn and Tamia are joined, so are their families and friends united through them.  They represent an ideal of what the world is becoming – a rich blending of races, cultures, ages and religions.  Shawn comes from a heritage of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Moslem, Native American Pawnee Tribe, African, Trinidadian, Bajan, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Irish.  Tamia has a heritage of Scottish, Finnish, African, South American, Bajan, Christian, Jewish and earth-based religions.  Elijah is the product of all these and symbolizes the harmony and beauty created by inclusion.  This family represents the best of our future.  As a visible symbol of this union, please turn to someone you don’t know and hug them and say, “Welcome to the Family!”

“As an Interfaith minister, Rev. Seana was extremely sensitive to the different cultures, religions, races and backgrounds of the two families she was uniting.  She drafted a memorable wedding that was personal and unique, as well as fun.  She helped us think through things pertinent to an outdoor wedding we would not have thought of from the lack of a sound system, summer noon time heat and taking the live butterflies off ice at the beginning of the ceremony.  She also coordinated the toasts at the reception and helped organize the wedding photos so we have beautiful family portraits to give as gifts.  She’s the best!”

John & Sheri

September 9, 2007

“Seana was great! She was extremely helpful, organized and took the time to understand what was important to us for our wedding. We were really happy to have found her.” John & Sheri

Gigi & Chuck Smith

March 2, 2007

“Rev. Seana helped us create a simple ceremony that included my daughter as part of the new family unit.  Rev. Seana had a part for Ashley to play that acknowledged her and ended with us all lighting the unity candle.  Because we got married in Florida, with my brother and family coming from Maui, and my sister and family coming from New York, we did not have face-to-face meetings.  Instead, we talked on the phone, communicated via email and met right before the ceremony for final instructions.  I still cry remembering that special day.” Gigi, Chuck and Ashley

Kurt Chowanski & Isabel Ashton

May 24, 2006

“Thanks to Seana our outdoor wedding was wonderful. Before meeting with her, we had no vision of what we wanted our marriage ceremony to be like. With her guidance we ended up with the perfect service combining music, family, laughter, and romance. ” Kurt & Isabel